Monday, November 19, 2012

Velchische - Twisted World

The World, The Galaxy

Velchische, a complex world with a various elements can be found here. In the context of the universe, the world has galaxies differ from each other. Each galaxy has a different natural energy sources, thus allowing them to grow beyond their physical limits. Power of science, magic, and the elements of the various sources of energy scattered in hundreds of galaxies.

Ulmaire Galaxy, a galaxy with power source that allows the inhabitants to use magic. There are hundreds of planets in the galaxy, but only a few are inhabited. Although uninhabited, the creatures don’t know that someday they may be able to meet, interact even work together. They also do not realize that in one of the planet a phenomenon that can change their fate will occurred.

Planet of Chaos

Tyrante, one of many planet that have unique nature. In the planet, there are five continents scattered shaped like four pointed star. In the north and east continent, stand mountain area that famous with it’s peak that reaches the sky. The area is dominated by ferocious creatures. Nevertheless, Wolgnut race chose to settle down in the wild continent. Wolgnut race, that famous with it’s magnificent courage and physical form resembling a giant wolf never knew fear. For generations, they had conquered the area of ​​the surrounding mountains and maintain peace in their villages.

In the southern part of the eastern continent, live Mycolyta race. Mycolyta race have small figure with a physical form resembling humans. Maybe some of us know them as half-ling  with height are about half the height of ordinary people. This race is able to move fast and excel in hiding. With this expertise, Mycolyta survived the invasion of Wolgnut. It is also due to the topography of the terrain in the southern part of the east continent that is pretty flat and filled with forests.

Southern Continent, a continent filled with various races. The people in this continent uphold the existence of magic. Although composed of various races, they were able to overcome differences and mutual respect between them. Maglia, a race that considered has the strongest magic talent. This race has a physical form resembling man, with face like a deer. Although regarded as a race with the strongest magic power, it’s famous of their modesty and wisdom. Beside Maglia, there are five other races considered have strong magical talents, Velnoir, Juglio, Harboa, Langis and Ilyaard.

Velnoir, a humanoid race scattered throughout the entire planet. Although most of these races live on the southern continent, there are also small villages in other continents. It is said that they are human race with magic capabilities.

Juglio, also called entertainer. With a tall body shape, this race is famous for its acrobatics expertise. Agility and fast body reaction make Juglio a race that is pretty strong as a magician.

Harboa, a race with large body resembles a bull. With its amazingly big body, there is also the potential for great magic. Their excellent stamina make Harboa have more magic pool than other races.

Langis, also called the blacksmith race and has giant body. Most of them have pretty good skill in making weapon or armor. Coupled with their magical talent, the race is able to infuse magic into their products, be it weapon or armor.

Ilyaard, is a minority race on the planet. This race has a face like a fairy, with glowing skin. From their back grow a pair of transparent wings, allowing them to float in the air.

Kingdom of Light, have power throughout the western continent. Despite having a name that looks pretty good, the kingdom that inhabited by Corleen race is very aggressive towards other races. Corleen have a posture that resembles human intelligence than other races. Beside their intelligence, Corleen do not have the expertise to use magic. The aggressive nature makes them greedy for the other race’s specialty. Oftentimes  The Kingdom of Light invaded other continents to control another race’s territory.

Velneer, the Floating Palace. It is told in the legend that it was once an Empire with huge capabilities of magic force. However, how the palace continues to float remains a mystery to the people of this planet. Rumor says the Drakend race, the rider dragon, residing inside.

Finally, a place called as Demon King Haven, the middle continent. Although it is called ‘continent’, the size of it is not as big as another continents. Some also called it as the island of the dead. There is an urban legend that at the base of the island there exist a huge city with tools that has never been seen before. Some survivors of the island said they had met with some kind of metal creature, that makes people think they're crazy.

History of Chaos

It begins when there is only one continent in the planet. At that time, there was only one race humanoid as the inhabitants of this planet. They live in harmony with other beings, animals and plants, just like in our world. Legend said at that time, the inhabitants of the planet already have unbelievable technology. Until one day, a huge meteor fell down right in the middle of the continent and strange things happen.

The Meteor crushed so hard and shaking throughout the continent. The vibration is so intense that create cracks all over the continent. Not only that, there was blue smoke flows soon after from the meteor. The smoke was so thick and fast spreading across the entire planet. Cries and moans heard everywhere, and no one can see clearly what exactly happened. After several days, the smoke thinned out little by little.

Behind the smoke, arise strange-looking creatures. Humans merge with animals or plants, and even animals merge with plants. There is chaos everywhere. Family not knowing each other, let alone friends. This anomaly affects not only their physical form. The nature of animals and plants combined with human, resulting a creature has unique trait to each other. Those creatures later would become the race on the planet Tyrante today.

The creature then gathered, form group classified by the nature and physical resemblance. Some creatures with the aggressive nature also began to start a conflict. Some non-aggressive creatures prefer to avoid conflict areas. With their new abilities, magic, they move to the south of the continent and established defensive base. In the western part of the continent, there are still some people who survived the meteor smoke. They were hiding in the underground caves and passage, avoid the 'changes' that occur in other human beings.

Few months later, human who survived began to emerge from their hiding. Not knowing the incident on the surface, they met and unexpected aggressive beast. Slaughtered, persecuted, arrested, and all kinds of inhumane torments the executed by those beasts. By instinct, the survived human then driven to the farthest west continent and make the last stand.

At the brink of hope, comes a golden figure from the sky. With tremendous strength shattered the into pieces. A black monster emerged from the meteor. A horrible monster that makes the beast stunned. There are no people have knowledge in detail about what happened next. However, it was told that the golden figures have battle that shaken the whole continent. The great fight ended with one final outburst attack that scattering the continent into five new continents like we know today.

The incident became known as the new beginning of the history of magic also known as The Age of Enlightenment. This event is also used as a starting point for a new calendar system used in Tyrante planet.

The southern continent defense base managed to repel the beast and proclaimed themselves as the Land of Freedom. While in the western continent also managed to reduce the activity of wild creatures, bears the grudge over non-human creature, establish the kingdom known as the Kingdom of Light. The beast was still fighting in the north and east of the continent and throughout a series of magnificent events, only result in one race of them survived.

As we know, the middle continent that is the center of the great battle with the Black Monster, remain mysterious until this day. The golden figure was never seen again, at least not, until now.